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Celebrating our 10th birthday

This year, we’re celebrating a decade of Newton’s Apple bridging the gap between science and society. The landscapes of both the science and policy arenas are continually shifting, and we must work hard to keep up. We’ve been pushing hard to satisfy the demand for our workshops. Despite having reached over 1600 early career researchers with our “Introduction to Science Policy” workshops, we now find there is continuing demand for more advanced workshops. To meet this demand, we plan to bring scientists and policy makers together to explore specific topics of societal importance, such as food production, energy provision and data security. We hope that the advanced programme will be run in collaboration with Learned Societies, who could nominate topics, and have future research leaders as participants. We also intend to embark on a new project to develop a better understanding of science and the Scientific Method among policy makers.


Dr Michael W Elves, Newton’s Apple Chairman





Dr Ian Gibson, Honorary President of Newton’s Apple 

Chairman’s Annual Report, 2015

As Newton’s Apple works toward to some new and exciting projects, we look back on 2014-15 in the Chairman’s annual report. The report includes a number of acknowledgements to those who have shaped the successes of the past year.

Acknowledgements from Dr Michael Elves, Chairman of Newton’s Apple: 

It is only through the support and active contributions of a number of people that our Foundation has been able to enjoy success with it’s activities. I am personally grateful for all the support and encouragement from other members of the Board of Trustees, and in particular to John Masters our Treasurer, to Dr Gillian Pepper for her work on the website, and to Andrew Miller MP, Julian Huppert MP, Stephen Metcalf MP, who have contributed to the workshops by providing meeting rooms in Westminster and being the “Science in Parliament” speakers at these workshops.  I am also pleased to acknowledge the great support from Monica Darnbrough, Ian Gibson, Brian Iddon and Stephen Benn for their fairly regular contributions as speakers in our workshops.

It is also a pleasure to acknowledge the contributions to the workshops of Elizabeth Sturkovic, Chris Fleming, Chris Darby, Jon Elliot, and Andrew Greenway all of the Government Office for Science, Amanda Dickins of BIS, Alan Malcolm of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, Andrew Crudgington of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Alex Connor of the Institute of Physics and Sarah Main, Director of CASE.  Without their support and contributions Newton’s Apple could not be the success it is.”

Read the 2015 annual report.

The development of the Evidence Information Service

Just before the General Election, the Guardian published an update from , , Andrew Kythreotis, Jemma Chambers, Gerard O’Grady and Sven Bestmann on the proposed Evidence Information Service.